Get to know the team behind this great event!

Rally Co-Chair

Doug Lawyer has been a Land Rover enthusiast since 2007 when he purchased his Range Rover Sport.  Since then, he has gradually transitioned into older Land Rovers as he is now the owner of two 1991 Range Rover Classics, a Hunter model and a Great Divide Edition.  He enjoys time away with friends and family and has taken trips as long as 5 weeks encompassing over 4000 miles in one adventure.


Doug comes to the WNLRR by way of AZLRO.  Doug has been a long time member and long time organizer of AZLRO’s rallies and other events. 


He was also the first chair of the original WNLRR in Sedona, AZ in 2015 and takes credit with spawning the idea of the WNLRR.

Erin Williams

Rally Co-Chair

I consider myself to be a vibrant woman who enjoys the company of others, including the furry kind, who hold a special place in my heart. My friends are my family and they keep me positive and full of spirit. California is one of my favorite places and I’m thankful that I was able to make a life in this state that I love so much, leaving the cold and miserable winters behind. Many adventures await and my Land Rover will take me there.

Trail Coordinator

A life-long enthusiast of anything motorized, Don’s tendencies have run toward speed and corners on two wheels, 4 wheels, or afloat with names like Alfa Romeo, BMW, Porsche, Triumph, or Donzi and places like Laguna Seca or Road America. However with the purchase of an LR3 in 2013 things have slowed down and the locations have changed to Moab, SlickRock, or Rubicon. Unchanged is the urge to turn a wrench and the opinion that ‘stock is just a starting point’. The current stable includes no less than 4 Rovers and as always, mods are ever-ongoing.

Chad Thompson


Chad has been a gearhead his entire life, having owned over 40 cars, motorcycles, and boats in the past 10 years -- mostly German and British. But, it wasn't until he had children that he decided to take his Land Rovers off-road and combine his passion for cars with his love of his family and the outdoors. He strongly believes in providing opportunities both for family adventure and hard-core wheeling, especially at the same time!

Web Admin

Hailing from Arizona by way of NYC/Philadelphia where he purchased his first Land Rover, a Tonga Green LR3.  Carlos has been involved with club events since he joined AZLRO in 2014 after relocating across the country. 


After going through the club Trail Leader training, he started leading trails as an official AZLRO Trail Leader in 2015, all this eventually led to him running for Club Council later that same year where he has been serving since in many different roles both within the club and with club rallies. 


Most recently, he was one of the organizers for AZLRO's Rally at Goldfield, AZ and previously he was also a part of the WNLRR 2015 team of organizers.

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