Yes, there are rules. This is a private forum for members who have agreed to comply with our guidelines for content and conduct. There is no provision for ’Free-speech’ in a private community. However our rules are very simple but do demand an understanding of respect for others and common courtesy. 

Family Friendly Content (PG):
A large percentage of our members have families with small children. They should be able to sit and read the forum with their kids without fear of what they will read or see.

  1. Language: No foul language which means anything a reasonable person would not yell out to their grandmother or in a place of worship. The typical four-letter word stuff. Why? It is not that the moderators have any particular issue with foul language and even use it ourselves on occasion, but this forum is comprised of Land Rover owners of all ages and beliefs. Attempting to defeat the language filters will result in one warning and then a permanent ban.

  2. Images: All images should be tasteful with zero tolerance for links or images of pornographic content.


  1. No brand bashing. It is appropriate to cite specific issues with models and equipment, i.e. ’Toyotas Suck’ is not appropriate, but to say ’The FJ Cruiser suffers from the worst driver visibility in the class’ is appropriate.

  2. Flaming is IMMEDIATELY moderated and inappropriate. However spirited and intelligent debate is encouraged. Flaming is when a debate becomes personal with personal insults. Debating a specific point is fine but calling someone ’stupid’ is not. It is commonly known that once someone reaches the limit of their ability to intellectually debate a subject they typically resort to personal insults or threats of physical violence. Show us how smart you are (or fully evolved) and keep the debate on point and respectful.

It is not just the policy of this forum that no slander is allowed slander is often illegal and subject to criminal charges. There have been several recent cases of slander on forums where the forum owner has been subpoenaed to provide information about a member defaming an individual or company. This is serious stuff! If you are going to make claims about an individual or a company make sure they are 100 percent true and not exaggerated and come from first-hand or well-documented knowledge. Gone are the days when someone who didn’t read the directions for a product and had a failure or installation issue could then publicly defame the company. 

No Harassment in the FOR SALE Section It is simple. Something is worth what someone else will pay for it. To dump on someone’s For Sale thread because you think the price is too high is actually irrelevant. Be respectful of the fact that someone is trying to sell an item or vehicle. We will delete all posts that only serve to disparage the item. No guns are to be listed for sale in those sections and items and vehicles should be at least loosely associated with adventure travel and Land Rovers. 

Political and religious threads are not permitted on the forum. 
Political or religious threads and posts will be immediately deleted, and without PM or explanation. 

NO NEGATIVE RACIAL OR POLITICAL DISCUSSION OR COMMENTS are allowed and will be immediately moderated. 

It is against forum rules to have more than one username per individual or company without prior permission 


Many members of this forum are also owners of commercial companies many of which cater to outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. If you are not a sponsoring vendor then solicitation of members via a private message or in threads is not appropriate.

  2. It is not appropriate for vendor members to post retail items for sale.

  3. Basically if it reads like you are trying to sell your product in a thread then you are. Contact a council member to become a sponsor.

  4. It is acceptable to not be a sponsor and have a link to your company in your signature line. However non-sponsors can only have the company name with the link embedded. No multi-line signatures with BUY NOW!



All of the moderators on WNLRR Forum are volunteers. They are here because they enjoy this community. They are not police. Please be respectful of their requests.

It is simple. People have bad days and people have hot topics. Unfortunately the internet can make normally lucid people act completely insane. The Moderator’s private message: It is a friendly FYI that a forum rule was broken where the moderator will send a private message with a copy of the rule that was broken. The private message is not an invitation to debate the rule (it is as a courtesy) so do not be surprised at all if the moderator ignores your reply. Remember, they are volunteers so if it seems borderline just go with it. If the rule-breaking becomes a trend you will be asked to leave or be banned. 

Banning of Members:
Although rare, members of the forum are banned from time to time. This is how the banning process works.

  1. First Communication- Violation of forum rule will result in a private message from a moderator requesting a change in action. This is a courtesy.

  2. Violating the forum rules again will result in a permanent ban.

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