Keep your Land Rover in perfect working condition and looking its best with quality assured parts and accessories from Bearmach.


Everyone knows most Land Rovers ever made are still on the road. We would like to think we have helped keep them on the road by delivering, on average, 330,000 parts per month to over 140 countries, and by continually developing new products, ensuring your Land Rover stays on the road for years to come!

Bearmach is one of the largest online sellers of parts and accessories for all Land Rover vehicles, worldwide. We sell parts and accessories for Land Rovers at very competitive prices, with next day delivery across the whole of the UK. So, whether you’re looking for a brake pad for a Defender or a bumper for an Evoque, look no further - all available to order online today!

If you require any product advice before you buy, we have an extremely experienced dedicated technical team, with the ability to provide you technical advice on parts for all Land Rover models from the Series to the Range Rover.

Bearmach’s competitive prices, coupled with a focus on quality, ensure you pay less for genuine, OEM and quality assured Bearmach branded parts. We constantly monitor prices to ensure we continue to offer you competitive, quality products.


The more sophisticated our cars and trucks become, the more disconnected we are from the journey they are capable of taking us on. A century ago, traveling almost anywhere by automobile was an adventure; drivers carefully plotted their journey, equipped themselves for unforeseen pitfalls and even dressed to get through the trip safely and comfortably. Driving the muddy ruts and cobbled streets that passed for roads in those early days would be considered off-roading by today’s standards.

For most of us, thankfully, we now enjoy the luxury of hopping into a car, hitting the navigation button and arriving in comfort just about anywhere we need to go. But there are still magnificent places to explore in this world that paved roads simply won’t take you, and where most modern cars (and drivers) would dare not venture.

Land Rover is one of the few remaining manufacturers that still builds its vehicles with a go-anywhere, do-anything spirit and the hardware to back it up. This exuberance for adventure and discovery still drives the company and its products, appealing to some of the most intrepid and passionate owners throughout the world.

Alloy+Grit was born out of this same passion. Our mission is simple: to produce the finest stories and most complete resource for Land Rover owners and enthusiasts across North America. And to do it all from a distinctly American perspective.

The name Alloy+Grit surfaced as a unique expression of the two primary components we see in every Land Rover vehicle. Alloy – quite literally, because aluminum alloy has been used extensively since the Wilks brothers’ very first prototype and is now a defining element of the brand. Grit – not only for the dusty kind that you pick up by taking the road less traveled, but also for the kind of intestinal fortitude that takes Land Rover vehicles and their owners to the ends of the earth.

Alloy+Grit is North America’s only independent outlet for all things Land Rover. We are not affiliated with or owned by any company that sells Land Rover vehicles or products. You can count on us to cover the entire spectrum of the Land Rover lifestyle and experience, from vintage models to the latest offerings, from Defender to Range Rover, both off-road and on.


Adventurers and professionals worldwide use Gaia GPS to plan, navigate, and stay safer in the woods.

Anna and Andrew Johnson founded TrailBehind Inc. in 2008, building outdoor search site trailbehind.com. In 2009, during the dawn of the App Store, the company launched Gaia GPS. Gaia GPS incorporated the original trailbehind.com search feature, with offline mapping and tracking features, for iPhone.

Since then, the app and team have expanded, and Gaia GPS has been featured often in the press, and by Apple. Gaia GPS can be used on iOS, Android, and on gaiagps.com, and users have synced over 1,000,000 tracks to gaiagps.com.


Knightsbridge Overland has the finest craftspeople creating custom fit, seat covers specifically designed for classic Land Rovers. In fact, Knightsbridge Overland is one of the only remaining manufacturers of seat covers that are handmade for Land Rover Series, Range Rover Classic, Discovery I, Discovery II, LR3, LR4 and, of course, Defenders.


Overland Pros is short for Overland Professionals… not professional overlanders but business professionals that enjoy the overlanding lifestyle. We started the business to bring high quality camping equipment to market that we are proud to use on every adventure.  Through the years, we have thrown out and passed on more camping equipment than we care to think about. 

As our families have grown, our needs and desire for comfort have increased as well. One thing is certain on any journey, without a good night’s rest, no one is happy the next day. For a month long or even weekend journey, your sleeping arrangements are paramount to an enjoyable journey. We have redesigned the roof top tent with an emphasis on comfort and ease of set-up and take-down, our awnings can be deployed by one person and ground tents set-up in less than a minute. We are constantly testing and evaluating new equipment to offer to our customers.


Since the family started this company in 1965, Deltran Battery Tender® has taken great pride in designing, manufacturing, and distributing technologically advanced products that meet the ever changing needs of our worldwide customers! Our strategic initiatives have continued to focus on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Here at Deltran, performance isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life.

Long after the final sale, our commitment to service lives on. We are constantly striving to improve every element of our business; from the products themselves to marketing and distribution. As the world advances, we remain state-of-the art with innovative designs and technologies.


So why use a Battery Tender® Charger over a conventional charger? Battery Tender®’s BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles. They are ready to go when you are!


You just set it and forget it, saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement batteries!

Battery Tender® assures the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance. That’s why we are the top choice of collectors, dealers, and fleet owners!


At our spirit’s core lies a love for outdoor adventure and the adventure vehicles that take us to our treasured places. Trails to magnificent vistas, or narrow canyons to wide-open meadows; there are favorites and those yet-to-be discovered. Each and every cherished location is special because it resonates with us in a way like no other place can. Maybe it’s a technical and challenging trail that tests both you and your vehicle to the limits or it’s the whispers of a tranquil lake summoning you year-after-year to reacquaint yourself with its rejuvenating effects. Either way, it is yours.

It is places such as these, and the journeys to get there, that inspire and excite us.




Inside us all exists an adventurous soul - a wild heart that is called from nature to live authentically and free from modern society. For many outdoor and mountain enthusiasts pure freedom and rugged adventure has become a way of life. Mountain Khakis was developed specifically for this lifestyle.


Located in Boise, Idaho we are an engineering design firm specializing in mechanical design and analysis. Our staff has extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense, and semiconductor industry but we have always been passionate about off roading through out our careers. All of our products are designed in house using the latest 3D CAD software and optimized using Cosmos FEA ( Finite Element Analysis). Before we release any products to the public, we also perform a destructive test on each design with the assistance of a test facility equipped with test measurement and data recording equipment. We take great pride in knowing all of our products are derived from sound engineering disciplines.

Why go through all of this for the off road market? Simple, we want to make sure we are producing the highest quality, best value products for our customers.

Watershed was founded in 1995 with a singular mission: build waterproof bags in the USA that we, as adventurers, could trust to keep our most cherished possessions dry under any conditions.

After college, when many of my peers were starting careers or going to graduate school, I began my life as a waterman. I worked as a whitewater raft guide in the US and South America, I chased a dream of being a whitewater slalom canoe racer, I fished and hunted waterfowl in my home state of Louisiana, I sailed and boated in various parts of the world, I scuba dove and snorkeled. I pursued any chance to get on or in the water.

In all these water pursuits the thing that kept bothering me was the low quality of waterproof bags. I tried many different brands and types of bags, and none were truly “drybags” as advertised. I had to fold them over just right and roll the top down several times — and my gear would still get damp afterward.

I, and the rest of the world, needed a waterproof bag that was truly airtight and submersible. I needed to create a bag that people could trust with cameras, expensive electronics, medicine, food, and cold weather gear. A bag that remained completely waterproof even if you flipped a raft, swam out of a kayak, or got caught in a storm while sailing the open ocean. And so I set out to build what became the Watershed ZipDry bag — also known as “a freezer bag on steroids.”

The Watershed bag closure system has been tested by the US Navy to 100 meters submersion without any leakage whatsoever. Watershed bags are low maintenance, rugged, and extremely waterproof. They’re built for everything from social outings to survival situations.

Our bags were immediately embraced by raft guides and whitewater kayakers. Over time, Watershed bags have gained popularity with sailors, surfers, fly fishermen, offshore fishermen, hunters, scuba divers, and oilfield workers. Watershed bags are built for serious outdoor adventurers, not for big box discount retailers.

In 2002, VARGO was started with the belief that great outdoor gear is all about pairing the best materials with simple, innovative, and functional designs. Titanium was the obvious choice for our hard goods due to its durability and lightweight strength. Over a decade later, we are proud of how far we have come thanks to a little imagination and the support of our dedicated customers.

Here is a brief history of Road Shower

The 120 mile White Rim Trail in Utah’s Canyon lands inspired the creation of Road Shower. On the White Rim trail, which is a vehicle supported mountain bike ride, we would ride into camp,  dusty, dirty, and sweaty. We would fill up a solar shower, the plastic bag kind, and try to find a convenient place to hang it. This is not easy in the desert with few trees. Then, since it was already getting late, we would take a cold shower, since there was not enough time to heat the water.

The year before we tried tying the solar showers to the top of our cars, but you can imagine, they didn't last long up there, and we lost one, and one got punctured. Even when you have it tied up somewhere, the pressure isn’t very good, and the nozzle is hard to work with soapy hands. Also filling them up by yourself is not easy.

So in 2007, I set out to make a better solar shower that heats up while you drive.  I came up with a rack mounted pressurized solar shower.  You mount it on your car rack. It is as sturdy as mounting a bike rack.

Atlantic British Ltd. is a pioneer in Land Rover parts supply. In 1970, Atlantic British opened for business and became North America's first mail-order resource for maintenance parts for Land Rovers. In fact, during 1974 - 1987, when Land Rover's dealer network pulled out of the United States, Atlantic British was one of the very few sources available for Rover accessories and parts.

Many of our "charter customers" are still with us, as are many of their sons and daughters who have also been bitten by the Rover bug.

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