Overland Pros was founded by Nick D’Amico and Ted Speicher.

Overland Pros is short for Overland Professionals… not professional overlanders but business professionals that enjoy the overlanding lifestyle. We started the business to bring high quality camping equipment to market that we are proud to use on every adventure.  Through the years, we have thrown out and passed on more camping equipment than we care to think about.  As our families have grown, our needs and desire for comfort have increased as well. One thing is certain on any journey, without a good night’s rest, no one is happy the next day. For a month long or even weekend journey, your sleeping arrangements are paramount to an enjoyable journey. We have redesigned the roof top tent with an emphasis on comfort and ease of set-up and take-down, our awnings can be deployed by one person and ground tents set-up in less than a minute. We are constantly testing and evaluating new equipment to offer to our customers.

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