Join the WNLRR for our exclusive Team Challenge Day!

What is a team challenge day you ask? 

Well, all participating attendees who opt to compete will be divided into 8 teams, with 20-30 people per team. Starting at 8 AM on Saturday morning, each team will rotate through 8 stations where they will compete in light physical challenges, as well as critical thinking skill challenges.

Each team mate must be involved in one or more of the challenges to ensure every person contributes. Each activity will be either scored on time, distance, or portion completed. 


Back by popular demand, this event was the favorite among the attendees of the 2015 event in Arizona. Our event staff will carefully mix and match each team to integrate different clubs, athletic ability, age, and personalities.


We urge you to not miss this amazing day of fun! 

Later that evening, each team mate from the top 3 teams will receive special recognition and prizes according to their overall score. 

We promise you it will be the most enjoyable part of the 4-day event!


One Day, Challenge It!